“Baritone (Dominik) Belavy, who played the often-exasperated hummingbird 89… kept perfect composure as he ran around the stage in an undeniably silly beanie with a long beak (probably the finest piece among many fine costumes from designer Ashley Soliman.)” (Santa Fe Reporter)

“Stage director John de los Santos and his design team (Liliana Duque Piñeiro, scenery; Ashley Soliman, costumes; and Noele Stollmack, lighting) created an ingenious, flexible, and generally attractive environment.” (Pasatiempo)


“The hilarious production—directed by John de los Santos and including a chorus of drunken, Twister-playing men wearing pink nuns’ habits (Ashley Soliman did the wacky contemporary costumes)—was perfect for this completely silly opera.” (Wall Street Journal)

"...kudos to John de los Santos.  His direction, coupled with Ashley Soliman’s costumes made for a fun evening." (Schleppy Nabucco's)

 "Decked out in Ashley Soliman’s fanciful hot pink suit abetted by the randy Raimbaud of Steven Eddy, the disguised hermit twinkled slyly but harmlessly." (parterre box)

 “The Count held his prayer services sporting a shocking pink business suit hand-painted like the medieval Tres Riches Heures Du Duc de Berry..." (Observer)

"The male chorus, dressed in pink habits, supported a delightfully pervy Ory (Thorsteinn Árbjörnsson), who channeled the Holy Spirit of Terry Richardson in knockoff Ray-Bans and a pink mustache." (The Village Voice)


"Beware the Chupacabra strives on the visual appeal. Costume designer Ashley Soliman and scenic designer Kyle O’Connor are the true soul of this musical. Their designs are cohesive and stunning. Soliman’s use of color is rewarding. She keeps the city world quite dreary with subtle bursts of color. This allows the color within the sepia-toned Mexico to radiate... With Alberty and De Gre serving as co-directors, it’s inevitable that it was difficult to eliminate any material. But to their credit, they presented a very clear and cohesive vision. The style was consistent and interesting." (Theater in the Now)

"Ashley Soliman’s richly detailed costumes play a crucial role in character development, and are professional enough for a commercial Off Broadway production, let alone a Fringe show." (Theatre Is Easy)



"Dedication and commitment is something that truly should be rewarded in art. Whiskey Pants excelled with their costumes. The colorful and eclectic design was something that was a truly redeeming quality. It didn’t matter that period was nonexistent because it was stunning to look at. The costumes and makeup fit the individual strikingly." (Theater in the Now)


“The costumes (designed by Ashley Soliman) and the makeup (designed by Kate Marley) are stunning, providing an artistic element that transports the viewer into a visually captivating world which is simultaneously other-worldly and frighteningly familiar.” (Theatre Is Easy, 2015)

"The other highlight of Fatty Fatty No Friends is the masterful costume and make-up design by Ashley Soliman and Kate Marley, respectively. From the looming stilt-walker inner demons to the cast of children all color-coded into factions with cartoonish hats and hair bows, depicting stereotypes come to life, these outfits add an extra dimension of surreality to the piece. The smears of facepaint and drawn-on pink cheeks and freckles add to that cartoon quality, while even the orchestra are dressed in the demonic black and white of Tommy's inescapable world." (CHARGED.FM, 2014)